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7 Most Innovative Food Packaging Design Examples

Updated: 7 days ago

In every business, packaging design plays an important role. In fact, a good packaging design combined with good product will surely add up and help in your company’s growth to great extent.

Also, this little touch of uniqueness shown in your packaging design will make you stand out of the competition.

Indeed, business in every category opt for that appropriate packaging design of their product which suits the best and conveys the most information about the product and company itself.

So, in most of the fields this packaging design holds true. Along with, they also have some or the other differentiating factor to showcase in their product or services. In that case, they are not just dependent on packaging design only.

On the other side, when it comes to food industries, they all are mostly the same. Be it contents of any food or pricing of that food items, they lie on mostly the same line. The design of every other food product in clean and plain brown boxes is pretty boring. So, packaging design holds a special importance in food industry.

Why Food Packaging Design is Important?

For an instance take an example of any dairy product in the supermarket. If you analyze they mostly have same contents and more or less similar pricing based on brand value and more. But one thing that surely makes these products differentiate is its packaging design.

This is why packaging design is in category of food products is essential. Meaning there is a lot of scope to excel in food category if you go with good and appealing packaging design. After all, packaging design is the true representation of your product that will reach the customers.

Not to mention, there are also other key factors such as quality of food product, taking user review for betterment, quantity offered compared to competition and more.

But, in my review, packaging design will surely help your product to grab the market which can be seen in increasing customers and rising sales.

Lastly, by the means of good packaging design it does not imply that you should spend a lot of capital with extreme high-quality materials or so. On the contrary, you should research and analyze the best possible packaging design that suits best for your particular product.

With that being said, there are few best examples of food packaging design that will give you an idea and help in your product design.

1. This Coffee will make your Mood :

Let us start the list with that product that also starts your day. All of us agree, that morning cup of coffee is the best refreshing moment to kick start the day. Not just day, there are many coffees that we end up consume and more importantly in different moods. So, this is the one that suits best.

Mood coffee, as the name suggests, has an excellent packaging design for a coffee cup. Lid of the cup is can be turned to different moods as per you insist. On the upfront, it looks like a normal cylindrical cup that holds coffee.

But when you rotate the lid you see the magic. It has two eyes pointing towards you carrying various moods on the basis of opening the eye lids. This one emphasizes as a clear example that with minor and perfect touch your product will be able to stand out in the view of buyers.

2. Adorable Tea Hangers :

Coffee is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are equal or maybe more people who would any day prefer a cup of tea over the coffee. As it is completely personal choice, the next one is for tea lovers and there should not be any biasing.

When it comes to making quick and perfect tea most of us prefer a warm milk with tea hanger and some grain of sugar. But constantly dipping that tea hanger until the entire flavour pays off is really hectic.

This is why here is a tea hanger that will help you in that case. It will easily sit back on one corner of your tea cup and thereby reducing your ton of time and effort. Christmas tea bags that come in pair when halved will carry your tea with a stand on your cup.

3. A Better way to Butter :

Talking about saving time and effort, the next thing that does take some time is butter. The irony is every time we compare smoothness with butter but applying butter to a bread smoothly is a tedious task. That too rushing back for a spoon or knife is surely not every one love to do.

This is why here is an excellent packaging design of a butter that doubles up as a spoon to apply butter to your bread effortlessly. A small touch that end up saving manual effort is undoubtedly everyone will encourage.

Also, on the capital design front, there are no such heavy graphics or high graded materials. It is just a clever way of packaging design that suits and helps in the context of that food.

4. For the Multitasking people :

As the earlier one saved you a spoon then this next one combines everything at one place which you can access with ease. But before coming to the actual packaging design here is a small activity.

Imagine you are in a fast-food store and think of those food items that you may order. In most cases, it needs to be a burger, some French fries with a dip of ketchup and lastly a cola to finish everything off. But when you receive it may be a large section covering the entire plate on your serving table.

In that case, now no need of that widespread on table as you can combine them is relatively much smaller form factor. It basically covers all of your stuff in one single package which is even portable when you are in a hurry.

5. A Spicy Touch to your Food :

Continuing with the fast food, we all love to have a spicy touch to our foods. So, when it comes to spices there are wide range of variety available to choose from. Very often we do not have wide idea at seeing the colour or clear package of the spicy sauces.

To resolve this issue this next one has covered it in a pretty interesting manner. The idea is it showcases the intensity of spiciness through funny yet informative characters on the covering of jar.

Although it is not any complete solution or so, it will readily showcase the original flavour of that spicy sauce in much better way. Not to mention, in a tiny font of the corner carries the name and ingredients of the sauce for better understanding.

6. Natural Way of Banana :

In order to make the product attractive and eye catchy many brands end up opting for that fancy and busy packaging design. But in an equal manner representing natural essence of that product through packaging design will shine in its own way.

So, this next packaging design that excels in the way of natural representation is for banana milk. To start with, banana is the most favourite fruit as it requires nothing much additionally to start eating. You just have to peel of the skin and good to go.

In the similar manner, banana milk packed in a bottle with a good pack of cover over it that unwraps in the shape of banana is really satisfying. Also, the entire shape and size follows the footprint of a normal banana.

7. Care for Pets :

Lastly, ending up the list with some care for pets. Not just humans, even pets love to have food with good looking and adorable package. So, for the pet lovers out there, here is the one you will definitely love.

The idea is pretty simple, it is nothing but a pet food carrying cardboard box with an ease for eating. Let’s say you took your dog for a walk and in case of carrying food, no need of extra boxes or so. This single tool is enough. It merges a pet food box, serving bowl and carrying case into one form factor.

Wrapping Up :

Coming this far, you would have pretty much convinced and agreed with the fact that good packaging design will add up to great extent. Indeed, it will create a new view of seeing towards the products. Furthermore, when it comes to food packaging design there are tons of possibilities and customizations possible.

As a matter of fact, if you sit up for a food package design the ideas are endless that too with complete freedom. Worth mentioning, if you too are looking for a packaging design of your product then you probably need a professional graphic designer. On that note visit my studio website here and check out my work profile here for more information. Ok then let’s design something great together!

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