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Signs of a High-Quality Graphic Designer

Updated: 7 days ago

Graphic Design is such a good thing that everyone enjoys and understands the output. But when we look at the background work and research, it could have taken them ages to come to this point. Also, graphic designing is not at all an easy task as it seems to be at the first place.

Let’s say you have started a new business or on a plan to expand the current one to even more locations then probably one main professional that you will definitely need to start with is a graphic designer.

Coming to graphic designing, if you went over to google and searched for then you might end up getting thousands of candidates. So, finding a graphic designer is not at all difficult but picking up a high skilled and quality graphic designer from those tons of options is surely a tedious task. Also, it is highly possible that you might hire one of the graphic designers based on only on-screen knowledge but suffer and struggle due to wrong decisions.

And talking about the best options, every hiring person wants the best in that field and at the same time, every candidate shows or expresses themselves as they are the best option available. This is why, here are 7 signs that will help to notice and pick the high-quality graphic designer. With that being said, let us start with the list.

1. Needs to be Passionate towards the Work :

We always come across this very own word passion. This can be seen in actors or government officials who let’s say have cleared UPSC exam or more. The one thing that they constantly retrieve on is passion. With the view of all fields, graphic designing is no different.

In my opinion, passion will ultimately help you find the best possible work output from the candidate. Also, passion is completely a personal choice. Some may be passionate about cricket, movies, or other entertainment stuff while others may find their passion in skills like singing, dancing, designing, etc.

So far it is clear that passionate graphic designers will definitely help you deliver the best results in form of great design or so. But one thing to note here is that passion is not something that you can include on resume or showcase a certificate. In this case, finding passionate ones is little difficult. In short words, a passionate graphic designer should not feel it as a work burden in fact should enjoy it to the fullest.

2. Come up with Creative and Imaginative Ideas :

As the word graphic designing goes, it goes hand in hand with creativity and

imagination. Indeed, graphic designer is a person who puts the imagination of any product onto a visual form which is easy to understand. Now that you are looking for a professional graphic designer, you should obviously look for the creative sides and the height of imagination.

Thus, one of the most prominent signs of a great high-quality graphic designer is creativity and imagination. In order to test those skills in your shortlisted candidates, you can cover this up in the interview process.

Maybe during the interview, you can ask them about their previous works along with the inspiration that leaded them to this design. Moreover, you can assign the interviewing graphic designers a task stating to come up with a design for certain category under given period of time. Once you revisit those candidates, you get a fair idea of the creativity and thought process of every graphic designer which in turn will ease your selection process.

3. Think out of the Box :

Talking about ideas, everyone has an ability to think about any particular thing within the given time. Once you analyse the results, you may able to spot the similarities among set of candidates for sure. But among those bunch of candidates, one who thinks out of the box will seek your most attention.

Mentioned earlier, graphic designing has everything to do with creativity and innovative ideas and the sole purpose of graphic designing is to stand out. In the view of heavy competition in the market, brands go with graphic designers so that these brands can get an edge of stand-out feature.

On a whole, a high-quality graphic designer always have an excellent approach towards anything and can come up with out of the box ideas that will help the brands to showcase. Hence, with these out of the box ideas the brands will get an opportunity to stand out of the competition.

4. Quality Communication :

Moving on from an ideology in the minds to the communication with the people. In many cases, companies often overlook at the fact that quality and good communication also matters a lot.

As you are hiring a high-quality graphic designer, not only the designs should be great and out of the box but also the interaction with fellow clients and customers should be good and efficient. Remember, good communication is an important key to success. Your work will only be appreciated and praised when you engage with the clients in polite manner.

In fact, no one wants or wishes to be in interaction with a rude and arrogant

responses. Such communication will lead you nowhere and end up creating a bad or false impression in their minds. This is why, good and quality communication is a great sign of a high-quality graphic designer.

5. Take the Reviews on a Positive Note :

It is not always possible that everyone will love your work and, in that case, there may be some criticism that get to your way. Under this scenario ignoring every hate and taking only the positives will surely not help. At the same time, worrying about those hate which might not even matter will also not help either.

So, one thing to do is take up every review that you get from clients or brand itself on your work and analyse. You can categorise them in a manner of positives and negatives as per the priority order. Also, there may be some questions raised in the process so answer them in positive manner explaining the context.

Lastly, do remember that, these reviews will readily help you in improving your work in every step. So, by taking the reviews on a positive note will at the end benefit you with the best results.

6. Look up at the Portfolio :

In majority of cases, you may find a studio or website of graphic designers where they showcase their past works in different portfolio. The main motive of doing so is to give the hiring managers of different companies a brief idea of their work.

Also, it is surely beneficial from the hiring companies as well as graphic designers’ point of view. Meaning, graphic designers with exclusive portfolio will have an edge and are more likely to get the project. On the other hand, companies can easily find the past works and get an idea of graphic designers’ level.

7. Pay Attention to Detail :

As a basic quality of any graphic designer, they need to pay much more attention to every aspect of their design. These parameters can be size, shape, dimensions, thickness of font, images used and much more.

Even though a normal consumer may not care much of your design condition to he/she gets the basic idea behind the design. But as a professional graphic designer, you should never miss any small mark as it may covey your disinterest towards it and at times may feel like a half-baked design for the product. All in all, you should invest good amount of time in reviewing your work thereby filling all those missed loopholes or fix those details.

Closing Words :

Lastly, one worth mentioning point is that there are number of other factors that you need to consider in order to land up to a high-quality graphic designer. But, in short, these small signs will ultimately help you in finding the best. After all, the choice is still yours but do check out these signs for sure.

In either case, let me take a moment to introduce myself, Shweta Phokrana, as I am a professional graphic designer with experience of over 12 years. On that note, do check out my studio by visiting here and my work profile here to know better.

To conclude, it would be really appreciated if you consider me as a part of your journey of creating and designing some exciting stuff for your company. So, let’s design something great together!

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